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Computer Hardware Audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, control surfaces, MIDI controllers & USB MIDI keyboards (not motherboards or system components)

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Old 30th September 2008 , 08:18 PM
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Default Invisible Start Up Drive - Mac

I'm running OSX Tiger 10.4.11 (holding on Leopard install to my G5 for the mo..).
Had an interesting, if worrying afternoon... With my DV Forum work being ever-present and a pending deadline for a BBC gig to meet, today was not a good day to all of a sudden lose my Mac HD (start up) drive! Yes, lose.. it just disappeared off my desktop
But here's the strange thing.. I could 'see it' sat in my dock, and click on it to enter and see all the correct folders and files, apps, library, etc.. But it would not appear on the desktop..Mmmmm..

In the Mac's app 'disk utility', it could be seen but was 'grayed out'. On the advice of my Mac guru friend, I cloned the drive onto a spare external Firewire drive I had, so for belt and braces, I had a copy of my start up disc (even though I still couldn't ruddy see it!). Then I re-started the Mac off this copied version so I could then effect 'disk repair' to the original HD. That found some 'minor errors' and repaired them, leaving the (original) Mac HD 'un-grayed' this time. Ok, then, I re-started off the original HD (keep up ) and waited to see it magically re-appear on my desktop, coz it had been repaired... Oh no..I don't think so.. No sign of it.. and back to where I was in the beginning (but thankfully with a clone as a safety).

Back to my Mac guru friend (hey John), who remembered seeing something about this situation on the net.. and came up with this link..

Amazing Disappearing Drives

It firstly suggested a way to fix this problem using Mac's 'apple script' app.. the second method was using 'terminal' to do it - erm, scary, no thank you..

Here's a brief extract of the article which solved my problem...
Launch ScriptEditor and copy and paste this into the script window:

tell application "System Events"
set visible of disk "NameofDisk" to true
end tell
tell application "Finder" to quit
delay 1
tell application "Finder" to launch

Replace NameofDisk with the actual name of your disk, hit the Compile icon to make sure the script didn't acquire any errors, and then hit run. This should set the visible attribute back to visible and quit and relaunch the Finder, thus making the change available.

Problem sorted.. job's a good 'un!
"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.."
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Old 30th September 2008 , 08:27 PM
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If we had a Mac section this should be stickied glad you got it sorted though
Im a Mac and Windows 7 was not my idea
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