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Bass Getting Bottom Heavy!

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Old 14th January 2011 , 10:19 PM
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Default Best Strings For Standard D/Drop C Tuning?

Basically, my band used to play in Standard and Drop D tunings, but have decided to tune down to Standard D and Drop C tunings, to fit our singers vocals better.
My strings at the moment are just the standard strings that came with the bass when I bought it, which are fine for the normal tunings but when tuned down, they don't sound great.

Could anyone suggest any brand and gauge strings that are made for lower tunings?
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Old 15th January 2011 , 12:24 AM
Round The Horn
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I don't play bass but I reckon if you have been playing a set of bass strings tuned at normal pitch for some time and then try to tune those strings down to a lower tuning, they will not be inclined to tune nicely and comfortably to the lower tuning. It could be that if you tuned your bass to the lower tuning with a new set of strings of the same make and guage they might sound fine.
You say you are using the "standard strings that came with the bass when I bought it" - have you ever bought new strings? how old are the strings you are using?
If a new set of strings at the same guage you are using now still does not sound good tuned low then I reckon you simply need heavier strings when tuning low.
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Old 17th January 2011 , 12:41 PM
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By down tuning you’re going to be loosening the tension of your strings, so naturally you’ll need a higher tension (possibly heavier) set of strings…. Also – your bass’ action, intonation etc will all come into the scenario.

I’m not a fan of drop tuning, myself.
*It's All About the Bass!*
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