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Bass Getting Bottom Heavy!

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Old 11th July 2008 , 09:57 AM
Bass Head
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 21
Default dirty bass / bass distortion / that perfect tone

how you get yours ? For years I had the age old problem of getting great distortion but losing al the bottom end. If you havent got the cash to run a dual amp set up, i.e a bass amp for the bottom end and a guitar amp to generate the distortion, get a SANSAMP Programmable bass DI. With out doubt a must have. Loads of great tones but it has that all important blend dial to mix your clean bass signal with the distorted. F**cking awesome

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Old 11th July 2008 , 10:46 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 40

There are 2 things you need for a real nasty distorted bass sound:

Tech21 Bass Driver DI Bass Pre Amp Pedal and DI Bo at DV247.COM

Boss ODB3 Bass Overdrive at DV247.COM - has separate controls for the low end and the trebble, also if your running an EQ pedal you can boost the low mids nicely when mixed with this - a must have in my opnion.

Has anyone else got any suggestions - maybe some amplifier suggestions?

*- Bass Guru -*
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Old 24th July 2008 , 02:16 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
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Default Age old problem...

Firstly, the pedals that I like the sound of with bass are Big Muff, Lovetone Big Cheese and (strangely!) the old Boss Distortion yellow pedal. I've got round the bottom end problem like this...

My amp has an active and a passive input. I put the bass into input A of and A-B box, with output A going to the passive input, and output B going to a small chain of pedals going to the active input. The pedals I used are the Big Cheese, eq pedal and a Lovetone Doppelganger (obviously you don't need this for distortion!). You can set the eq to compensate for the distortion pedal and use the A-B box to kick them both in at once, using the output on the eq to match the levels. If your amp doesn't have two inputs, there are pedals out there which just provide a true bypass loop, so you can switch in a whole chain at once. There is this one TheGigRig Loopy 2

This is quite expensive but I'm sure you can find cheaper equivalents.
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Old 24th July 2008 , 02:25 PM
Sound Guru
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Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Surrey / London
Posts: 2,740

The ProCo RAT works pretty well on bass too. There are a few flavours, I have the traditional RAT II. Best part is that it's cheap, relatively speaking!
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Old 24th July 2008 , 03:52 PM
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Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Gloucester
Posts: 940

What about the Big muff, friend of mine had one and it sounded filthy
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Old 6th September 2008 , 11:59 AM
Mic Check 1!
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Location: England
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for recording or live?
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Old 8th January 2010 , 08:21 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2010
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i wont get into dedicated bass pedals as essentialy they are imho a waste of time as ,usually they are just pure low mid with a blend dial, which seems pretty silly to me when there are countless guitar pedals and blend pedals

any guitar distortion pedal + a boss ls2 = win

but any that put out plenty of low end = even better.

the odb3 (ole dirty) is a real love or hate pedal but i fall into the later camp..

there are plenty of bass friendly equivalant of the aforementioned golden tones

1) Ts9dx - use the turbo mode, more bass less gain.. but more than i need for bass
2) TurboRat- miles more low end
3) the sadly discontinued non EU complient Black Russian Big Muff- Smoother and more pleasent for bass

and the 4th way "MeTAlz" pedals well this one is purely subjective but i like the danelectro black paisley, the dod grunge and the one i use currently the digitech death metal.. Are all good for Rhythmic Death bass drops (even though im in a reggae/funk band ) and all of those are under 40 quid

as for the classic Tech 21 DI and Clean mixed. i dunno it was REALLY painfully overused all through the 90s and is too modern to be retro.. ill give it ten more years then i can use it without rolling my eyes lol, when you hear a bass player use it the entire band love it and it does sound good, but the solitary bass player in the audience *sighs* downheartedly
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