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  1. Machiavelli's Guide to the Music Industry
  2. Musicians health concerns...
  3. Contract advice
  4. Music Distribution and Piracy (Video)
  5. The call of the AR man.
  6. Some more sad realities of the music industry...
  7. I think I'm going to hit a wall soon enough!
  8. The end is nigh...
  9. We7 pays artist - Why can't Spotify?
  10. Interesting article about the state of Gibson Guitars...
  11. What are the pros & cons of someone remixing your songs?
  12. Pink Floyd win EMI court battle over online sales
  13. Beatles For Sale
  14. International Music Summit 2010, Ibiza
  15. The A&R Guy (nsfw language)
  16. Ratm.
  17. too funny / true
  18. Lol
  19. UK studios in crisis...
  20. Did you think that MP3 quality was as low as it was gonna get? Think again...
  21. The Mercury Music Prize 2009 thread...
  22. Deal cut for internet radio
  23. Record industry does not plan more lawsuits
  24. Virgin starts sleeping with Universal
  25. Phil Spector
  26. Why Radio & Music Industry Sucks Nowadays
  27. One For The Little Guys
  28. Shiver Me Timbers
  29. Olympic Studio's staff express a fond farewell
  30. The Sizzling Sound of Music
  31. The Demise of Gearbox
  32. YouTuneless
  33. F&*% Ticketmaster...
  34. Josh Freese's new album
  35. Neil Young on Music Piracy, MP3 Hell and Finding Freaks on the Web
  36. Classic Rock Acts Without Classic Albums
  37. Members Top 5 Best of British Singles?
  38. Stay in the studio and leave live performance to those who can?
  39. Death Cab For Cutie's new "cause..."
  40. Assignment Help
  41. Doritos, anyone?
  42. Joaquin Phoenix Retires
  43. First tune of 2009 that I don't like
  44. HMV buys venues
  45. Boy George
  46. Sad day for live music..
  47. 2 Petitions that may interest you
  48. David Bowie caused the credit crunch
  49. Hard Candy - Hardly sweet enough.
  50. The demise of the physical delivery medium continues...
  51. 1,000 True Fans
  52. x-factor...brown backs loser...yet again
  53. SAE and Alchemea
  54. I have no words...
  55. Amazon starts a price war
  56. Craiglist "musicians wanted" postings...
  57. Blip Fm
  58. Performers - Fight for your rights!
  59. Back to the future!
  60. Now this makes me wonder
  61. How the **** did this get a record deal?
  62. The AC/DC formula
  63. iLike this
  64. X-Factor Star discovery?
  65. Im very talented but i dont have the $$$$
  66. How much should we expect of this industry?
  67. The 1st MP3?
  68. How to get a #1
  69. Pop songcraft - Xenomania
  70. Blame Gilbert O'Sullivan?
  71. Who is attending?
  72. University Degree (Audio Engineering) vs. Alchemea Diploma & Pro Tools 201 210M+P
  73. How do i start a Digital label?
  74. To Infinity and beyond?
  75. Alphabeat, or how I learned to live with bleeding ears...
  76. Bandstocks - the way to go?
  77. Turning down the Proms
  78. that Madcon track..and a generally good question !
  79. Chinese Democracy
  80. keep up...!
  81. How Pro Tools is destroying music
  82. Record Distribution D.I.Y.
  83. U2 Release Back Catalogue DRM Free
  84. SACD. Do you listen to it? Do you do any mastering for it?
  85. Ac/dc
  86. Neil Young hates iTunes
  87. PRS Rates?
  88. Pop 'Wallpaper' & PRS News link
  89. Old article about the music industry - but still worth reading
  90. Band gets 'deal' on Dragons Den
  91. Mercury Prize Nominees - 'who deserved/who was robbed!'?
  92. Promoting dance music?
  93. EC proposes to increase copyright term
  94. Music Sales - Physical Vs Download Era's
  95. Music Week homepage - bookmark it...
  96. Ableton Live Beer: Whatever next?