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  28. delaying omni's to xy main pair. maths or ??
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  48. Have PC, Sure SM58 mike and nothing else...
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  50. Space in the mix
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  52. Mic stand thread converter?
  53. I bought
  54. se electronics icis ..anyone got one?
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  58. The Record Producers: Stephen Street
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  62. back feedback from computer
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  67. Why not
  68. Grammy
  69. improved room sound
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  71. Guide to mixing
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  73. Getting clarity between instruments in the mix?
  74. How would Blue Peter do it?
  75. Rendering tracks- will this work???
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  77. A little mix feedback if you will?
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  81. Pre or Post
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  83. courses and training in alchemea
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  86. F/S Yamaha Tyros 3 61 Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard
  87. Addictive Drums
  88. Recovering from GAS
  89. When the inspiration strikes
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  91. An Idiot Asks... Headroom
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  93. This is moving a lot of air!
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  95. Using EQ to get just the right sound.
  96. New project - Moving from a multitrack tape to a DAW
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  98. Recorderman sounds very mono. Is this right?
  99. Record a Backing track /vocal mix
  100. Rehearsal Spaces
  101. How do i record a guitar and vocal at the same time on two seperate tracks
  102. Acid PRO7 Question!
  103. Producers and Engineers - their roles
  104. Laymans terms needed on M/S processing
  105. ORTF Stereo Recording
  106. @Saxman - micing your sax?
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  109. Composing to Film?
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  111. Recording live with limited channels
  112. Hardware Starter package's
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  114. TapeOp/Elbow/Focusrite
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  116. More on recording drums
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  120. equipment setup help!!!!!
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  126. Classic Books
  127. Adt
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  132. Mid-Side Stereo Recording
  133. My hearing system is precious; yet I still let it suffer!
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  141. sae liverpool have open day
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  144. World Class recording Studios
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  147. Getting started recording etc.
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  153. Haunted Studio!
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