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Acoustic Treatment Optimise acoustics in your studio environment for accurate mixing - the best advice here..

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Old 14th August 2011 , 06:04 AM
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Are those home made panels? (iThey look well made. Is that the amount of panels you need in a small room? It looks like a lot. I'm going to post some pics of my new room on another thread later. I'm going to look over the house later to get an idea of what work i want to do before moving in. I'll take a pic of the room i'm using as a studio. I actually have a funny feeling that only one side of my ceiling is slanted in and one side isn't. I don't know if that poses me more problems or not with regards to treating the room.

Your room is looking really good though! Great stuff

edit:Just noticed earlier you said they arehome made. Nice work!
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Old 14th August 2011 , 05:38 PM
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Things I have read include:
- expect to need to cover 20-30 percent of the total area,
- rooms smaller than 45 m3 (1,500 cu. ft) will need more trapping to avoid the boxy sound,
- you cannot have too much trapping,
- superchunks in the 4 corners will be most effective with taming bass,
- broadband absorbers along the wall to ceiling corners will also help tame the bass,
- use broadband absorbers at the first reflection points,
- tilt the cloud above the mixing position (thanks for the reminder, Trevor), some say 12 min., others 15.

After a 4 month wait I got an email from DV247 2 days ago to say that my Behringer ECM8000 test mic has arrived. Ideally I would have delayed starting until the mic came and I could afford a pair of monitors. Instead, and because this is a rehearsal room not a recording studio, I have read as much as I can and am taking a 'best guess in the circumstances' course of action.

Also, because I had to order all the timber 6 weeks in advance from the Czech Republic, the insulation a month in advance from the capital, 200 miles away and hessian from the UK, I don't easily have the freedom to make a trap, test and then go and buy a bit more of this and that to make another one, so I am building 29 traps plus the 4 corner superchunks and will use as many as I need, with a few on stands to use as gobos.

I was not expecting this to become a sticky topic. When I am finished I will list materials and costs so that anyone reading this can get a good idea of what such a project involves and also what mistakes I have made so that others can learn from my mistakes.
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Old 9th September 2011 , 08:34 AM
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The traps are now all made, 12 triangular corner bass traps and 29 broadband traps. The four corners each have 3 x 1 metre high superchunk traps, 850mm/34" across the face, the wall-ceiling corners have 8 traps straddling them and the ceiling has 5 traps, 3 of which provide a 15 sloping cloud above the listening position. The side walls each have 2 traps at the listening position.

All the remaining traps will be movable: 6 will be hung on the walls and 6 will be free standing, to be used as traps or gobos, as required. "Why such a flexible approach?" you may ask. It is just a rehearsal room but I would like to do some recording so some flexibility is desirable. Also, because I have not yet done any acoustic measuring (I will get the long-awaited mic later this month), I want to be able to play with the traps when I do measure the room.

Above: Only the basic traps.
Below: All 41 traps.

190 Wood: 400 metres, 18x18 mm
160 Mineral wool: Knauf T140 decibel, 7 rolls
40 Plasterer's gauze, 100 sq m
150 Hessian, 90 sq m
75 Other: staples, screws, glue, rawlplugs, hooks, wire, drill bit, door seal

Total: 615 for 41 traps, or 15 each, which works out to be less than 20% of the price of buying all these traps ready made.
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