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Originally Posted by sphelan View Post
Thanks Modz1. I do hope it's useful and of course it can be added to as needed. It's by no means come on guys, give your imput too.

Lovely work sphelan. As promised here is a link to the other Music Theory thread I started earlier which approaches things from an interactive angle and is probably best for those who prefer interactive online tutorials that are as slow paced or as quickly delivered as you want.

I think it's a good idea to link it here on this thread as some may prefer a different approach that presents the information they need infront of them (as your post does very well) so every little bit helps to provide even more choice for those looking for ways to learn Music theory.

The thread I started earlier discusses an interactive approach. Nice and slow paced for beginners. The entire website can be downloaded for offline viewing and covers the following areas...


The Staff Clef and Ledger lines
Note duration
Measures and Time Signature
Rest Duration
Dots and Ties
Simple and Compound Meter
Odd Meter

Steps and Accidentals
The Major Scale
The Minor Scales
Scale Degrees
Key Signatures
Key Signature Calculation

Generic Intervals
Specific Intervals
Writing Intervals
Interval Inversion

Introduction to Chords
Triad Inversion
Diatonic Triads
Roman Numeral analysis
Voicing Chords
Analysis #1

Seventh Chords
Diatonic Seventh Chords
Seventh Chord Inversion

Composing with Minor Scales
Nonharmonic Tones
Phrases and Cadences
Circle Progressions
Common Chord Progressions
Triads in First Inversion
Triads in Second Inversion
Analysis #2

Building Neapolitan Chords
Using Neapolitan Chords
Analysis #3

Trainers are also on offer...


Note Trainer
Interval Trainer
Key Trainer
Triad Trainer

Keyboard Trainer
Guitar Trainer
Brass Trainer

Interval ear Trainer
Scale Ear Trainer
Chord Ear Trainer

Online Utilities are also availble


Chord Calculator
Staff Paper Generator
Matrix Generator

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