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Originally Posted by sphelan View Post
That's why I think there are composers and there are producers...and there are those of us who think or want to do it ALL!!

And don't forget Paul there are a million and one ways to learn something! It doesn't always have to be formally.

Maybe that which we learn by ourselves sticks better than that which someone teaches us in a class. I feel I have been learning quite a lot in the past couple of weeks from the conversations here and then going doing further research online around the topics that arise. Preamps, for example, before I asked the question Which Preamp? I would have gone and bought something focusrite. Now I have a whole new perspective - and one based on other people's experience.
so i got to ask you the million $ question, if you could start over and do it all again would you have followed a path in education and learnt what you did?
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