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I used to hate music lessons at school so was never interested in it. Personally I blame my specific school for that, they never really tried to motivate kids for it and assumed you would already be interested by the age of 12 if you were going to do music properly and the lessons were basically a doss. It wasn't until I started clubbing, got friendly with a couple of DJ's and thought it would be fun to learn to mix. Then I heard the Tidy Boys TW2 live set with samples and a few bootlegs, tried my own on Audacity and with my DNS 3500's hot start fashions. Recently I saved and bought a laptop and Cubase.
I really enjoy it but do feel rather out of my depth most of the time, but its encouraging to see a lot of self taught people here.
I did buy 'Music Theory for Dummies' but haven't really picked it up yet hehe.
At the bottom of a rather steep Learning Curve (I like Brackets).
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