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cheers guys, i'll check the articles.

Yeah i dont wanna go mad, im only in the space temporarily till i can afford to brick up and fit out the garage properly so i dont wanna go nuts just wanna kinda sort the room out a bit.

The room is a very bizarre shape and the area im in is technically only 3/4 of the room as its above the dining room. the ceiling is fairly steeply pitched too which is why i didnt say anything about bass traps etc as i kinda dont know what to do, i guess bass traps behind the monitors would help. Theres not much flutter in here and it has to be said that the room is actually OK compared to the rooms ive had before so i just wanted to damp everything a bit to try and focus the sound. Having monitors that arent working properly really isnt helping either. Im just finding my mixes sound a bit boxy
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