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Originally Posted by e-vinyl View Post
Well technicly hiphop is electronic thanks to the use of samplers as hiphop beats usually do not have live instruments on their composition.
I'll also add song titles worth listening here too just in case :
- scarface ft. ice cube - hand of the dead body
- shyheim - shaolin style
- big l - mvp
- kool g rap - ill street blues
- big daddy kane - show n prove
- verbal threat - reality check
- lupe fiasco - day dreamin
- eminem - infinite

i agree with sureno , i hate what they call hiphop these days
YES YES YES!!! i forgot about him. but i have to slightly dis agree with the live instruments arguement, you'll find this is where east/west coast will come in. but on a whole many groups did play live bass and sample there own drums, sequenced electronically via mpc for example yes but definately alot of instruments
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