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when i went to college they never called it stem mixing the called it bus mixing thats why i didnt understand what you ment..its like everything in dance music every 6 months they call the same type off music something else..d n b used too be called jungle..hardcore used too be called rave..

heres the explaination off it===

i use it too add compression and ducking too my drums/ can get greater control over how much compression and ducking you want if you just bounce them down too one bus channel.i then put synths on a seperate bus /vocals on another/backing on another/fx on another and so on ..if you stem mix its easier for eric prydz type songs.

at the end of the day theres no real wrong ways of mixing as long as you dont go above 0 db on the master channel and you think it sounds good then thats all what counts.each producer works differently theres no set way off doing anything just do what you feel is right .
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