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Originally Posted by sphelan View Post
While I have always been "aware" of dance music, I have only just started listening to it more closely with the view to producing similar results. But there is a huge amount to listen to.

I have started at the beginning with things like:

The Sugar Hill Gang: "Rapper's Delight"
Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force: "Planet Rock
Coolio: "Boyfriend", "Gangsta's Paradise"

So I was wondering what you seasoned dance experts and DJs would recommend as a required listening for various genres - starting here with Hip Hop. These could be individual tracks or artists to explore. What are the important tracks that should be listened to in order to get into this genre?
wow, i used to be a real Hip Hop junkie when i was around 16-17! 10 years on i dislike what they now call Hip Hop. so imo check these artists out:

Mobb Deep- the infamous/hell on earth & even murda muzik
Jay Z-Reasonable Doubt
Capone n noreaga- war report
lords of the undergroung-keepers of the funk
Das efx
ghetto boyz-ghetto warfare
goodie mob-soul food
bone thugs and harmony-e1999
juru da damaga
group home-living proof
lost boyz- they got 2 good albums but look for a track called "renee"
wu tang clan-36 chambers
grave diggaz-6ft under/pick and the sickel....???
AZ-doe or die
biggie-ready to die
2pac-all eyes on me

there are so many more i just cant think, i have a huge collection of Hip Hop from the early 90's very late 80's, the best period imo. look for all the artists earlyish stuff
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