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Originally Posted by e-vinyl View Post
Im no dance expert , i am an hiphop expert so i might be of help here (finally xD).
You should start off by listening to grandmaster flash and the furious five (one of the first dj's and group to put out a record after sugarhill gang, also grandmaster flash invented "cutting"). Afterwards you might tune your ear to run dmc so you can hear those 808's and 909's banging. Then listen to gangstarr so you can check out the "master" of mpc's, dj premier and guru's mature lyrics.
Finally any hiphop listenner has to know rakim as he revolutionalized the way rappers rhymed.
This is what i think you should listen to know +- what hiphop is all about, if you ever get deeper into hiphop i can advise you more artists .
Hope i helped
Hip hop isn't dance???

Good start with the recomendations e-vinyl. I'm on it! I've already got Grandmaster Flash bagged!
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