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Originally Posted by terminal3 View Post
Maybe Omnisphere doesn't really exist and/or isn't ready, and Spectrasonics is COUNTING on the end of the world...
yeah and the updates are obtainable from, a black hole near you
that article is quite daunting actually, from what they are saying is that if you can imagine a sand timer the black hole created will be the funnel part and the earths surface is the top of the sand when those final grains of sand get sucked through we'll be going with it i hope i have some decent pants on i had better swat up on my black hole movies such as 'event horizon" and may be practice my time traveling, it's been along time since i used the bunny suit. its funny how multi million dollar companies have such "pull" no one will stop this! Too much money has gone into it and there are probably some serious players involved who are very influential in what happens, come to think of it, what have you been doing recently Modz1? have you got the boys prepped to "take care of" the opposers
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