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Default Problem with UA Apollo Duo Interface


Was just wondering if anyone here could help me with a problem with my Universal Audio Apollo Duo interface.

I have just run out of space on my Hard Disk, or at least I had about 40GB left and needed to install some software that was 46GB, so I had a new 2TB Hard Disk installed.

When they installed the Hard Disk, they left the original one in, and copied all of the information from it to the new Hard Disk, but still left all of the old information on the old Hard Disk, so it was essentially a duplicate. They told me I could delete the original information from the smaller Hard Disk when I was ready, which I have slowly been doing.

The operating system however, appears to be installed on the original smaller Hard Disk.

Here is the problem, when I open up one of my old projects that I am still working on, (from the old HD, I haven't created a new project yet, and I have been opening the ones I am still working on from the old HD), the UAD plugins only work for a bit, and then when my computer crashes, (some of these projects are fairly intensive), the plugins disable. Sometimes they disable anyway, when my computer doesn't crash.

The plugins just generally won't really work anymore.

I have emailed UA, and they said that it may be my computer going to sleep, a dodgy firewire cable, or the order I am booting things in.

I have checked the firewire cable and replaced it with one that I know works, no difference.

I was already booting in the correct order.

My computer was already set to never sleep, but I don't want to set my display to never sleep incase I leave my computer on for a day or so, and I have had this problem before, and they told me to do the same things which is why I was already booting in the correct order and everything, and the display going to sleep was not making the plugins disable before I had the second HD installed.

At any rate, the plugins are disabling when I am using my computer, when the display is not sleeping. So I assume that it is not the display.

I have emailed them back, and am waiting for a response, but they always take ages, and I would rather get this sorted sooner rather than later so I can finish off an EP that I am working on.

Can anybody help? I would really really appreciate any help indeed.

Hope someone out there can.

Thanks in advance!
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