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Default Cubase 7. And for the love of God, help.

So Cubase 7 has been announced. Yippee, I guess.
Was getting the 6.5 update for Christmas, obviously I'd be a fool not to jump on the grace period but how the flying **** does it work?

According the DV I have to see the SB site for info but can't find anything, and it says the update is only available as download but SB don't offer dl updates.
I'm scared and confused. Can someone spell it out for me?

In other news it looks pretty awesome. A well overdue redesign. Will have to look more closely at the rest of the new stuff.
The new mix console looks to have taken away a lot of functuanitly that I use in my workflow.
It's a tricky one.
At the bottom of a rather steep Learning Curve (I like Brackets).
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