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Glad you can share my joy Trev, lol.

Seems it is Bob Ludwig's fave EQ and I understand why. I really love the low end and the mids are jaw dropping. Rarely does an equalizer excel in more than a single band at least for boosts, so getting great bottom and mids is a wonder to behold. Most equalizers tend to work very well within a specific range I have found for applying boost.

If I want tight bass the Sontec clone is ideal, if I want all out weight and fatness it's the MP and some other of my fave tools.

I will use the top end for upper mids harshness reduction, so all in all I am very pleased and satisfied this is going to get a hell of a lot of use.

Non mastering version is a non issue (as plenty of other mastering engineers also find), it is a broad shaping tool and the build quality being extremely high means it is highly re-callable. In practice there is not problem matching L/R channels whatsoever.

The euphonic pass through is a bonus.

I tried the IBIS and did not like it. Onwards and upwards.
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