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Default OSA one + akg 414

Hey man thanks for the review.

I thought I'd share my experience with my isa one and maybe it will help someone else.

I have a projectmix io as my interface which annoyingly doesn't have a pad on the inputs. Mix that with the fact that the isa one doesn't have an outPut volume control it means the Main out of the isa one is too hot for the ins. It is impossible to not clip. Even pushing main out to balanced line in (without the gain boost on the mic input).

To correct this, I go from the headphone out on the Isa one to a line input. However, doing this without still plugging in the output on the isa one into a mic input created an unusable amount of noise. I'm sure this is simply my inexperience, however with this all hooked up it sounds clean and amazingly quiet.

I should mention that I have a DBX compresser / de-Esser / gate -expander plugged into the insert of the isa one. The DBX 286s specifically.

This combo is fantastic for me and my ear.

For the price, the Isa one is just awesome!

Hope this helps someone else
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