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Having a blank canvas can be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes you'll really struggle. Other times you can instantly hear what you want to do..

Difficulty is relevant to the original material, and where you want to take it.. Ie it's often easier to remix within a genre, then it is to do a remix to take a song and make it work within another style. That said, if you've got a song that you don't think you can improve upon, then you're often at a brick wall in terms of creativity. I hate it when that happens

As for time-stretching. This is a bit of a tricky one..

Most time-stretch programs sound terrible if you go for +/- more then 10%, because of the process they use to resample the signal. The RX one is quite good. I know a lot of peopel that still by the Serato Pitch N Time. I loved that on my pc..

You can go from 80 to 12-something and get away with it. It depends on the material and your program. For example, I speak to Danny from Moto Blanco quite a lot. They're always remixing slower tracks into club format. They were asked to do a remix of Leona Lewis's follow up from Bleedin (annoying) Love. They did a mix of that, and quite frankly it was a sterling effort. But for the follow up, they asked for the vocals to be re-sung, because they were proper mangled by the time-stretch. She was too busy to go in and do it, so they didn't do the mix.

That gives me an idea. Modz...
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