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Great stuff Modz1 and EdRyan!!!
Lots of detail which is great.

Three questions:

1) Thinking of the two remixes I mentioned earlier, I suppose the Johnny Cash is restricitve ("with musical handcuffs" - Modz1) while the Public Enemy one is like a completely blank slate in that as a rap you could, I suppose, do practically anything. Does this make it easier or more difficult, do you think?

2) What's the best way to timestretch a vocal file? Is there a preferred program.

3) You mentioned bpms of 126-128 and I think I read on a thread (that rhymes!) that the Public Enemy vocal was at 80bpm. Is it possible/realistic to time stretch to 127? Is there a loss in quality for such a difference or does a time stretch program take care of all that?

Thanks in advance
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