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ok. Here go's ! Incidentally both of these were dropped or stopped by the labels. The Peyton one didn't make the cut, and the Deepswing one got the chop because Erik didn't like the alterations I made by bringing the chorus slightly forward.

Deepswing - written befre I'd finished it.

I picked 'Take Me To The Disco', because I'm a huge fan of the Hardsoul Mix in particular. It's not finished, but I've put a clip of it so far up on - Sunshine State - Birmingham, UK - Club / House / Soul -

1) First off, time compression on the vocals. Erik is cool enough to label the files with the bpm, so I knew that they were 123. I upped the tempo to 128.

2) The files are also labelled with the key of the song, So I set an auto tune to match. Any form of tempo compression/expansion will add artifacts such as pitch deviation (vibrato). It's not a major thing as it wasn't a huge deviation, but I do this out of habit. The bigger the difference, the worst it will sound.

3) Re-arranging the vocals. The original was good, but I like to experiment.

4) Then I started to build the track. I'm not too good at theory or transposing, so I kept it in the original key.

The keys are from EVP88. I've not done anything to these yet.
There's a static organ EVB3, which has an amp sim, FLange, EQ and Compressor. The Comp is side-chained to the kick of one of the ultrabeat kicks.

The organ alternates with an EXS24 loaded with Long Fitth Stack. I've just eq'd the bottom of this at the moment.

The guitar is also another EXS24. This is EQ'd compressed, filtered, Delay & Spacedesigned. The echo effect I programmed myself using the tap function in delay designer..

There's also a Saw legato EXS24, with plays along with the bass at times. This has P-Dist and Mod Delay on it..

The bass is pretty simple. Done on ESM, based on the House Organ. 3 note pattern. Quite an old but classic sound/pattern.

The drums are made up of 4 kits. Techno, Paris, Funk Boogie and Latin. This time I've used M/O versions of ultrabeat and set them all up as auxes. I'm still working on the drums but doing this has given me the control I struggled to find for the Peyton mix...

There's still a LOT I need to do to this, but I've posted up to encourage some other newbies and show that it can be done !

Now for Peyton
1) First step was loading the original track into logic, and using the bpm meter to look at it. It was at 127, which is a good tempo. So I set the project at that rate.

2) Then I loaded the parts in. By parts...well they only gave me a dry, unprocessed and non arranged vocal. So I set about chopping the vocal and creating the structure for the vocal arrangement. It's pretty simple. Intro,Verse,Bridge,Chorus,Verse2,Bridge, Chorus, Bridge, Breakdown, Outro.
The only thing that is really different to the original is that I took part of the vocal and used it as a counterpoint during the chorus. But because it's a secondary point, it had to be blended underneath the main vocal. So I stuck them on a new track, took the fader down and used the filter to blur them. So you can kinda understand them to a point that you know what they are, but not to a level where they interfere with the other elements.

3) After that I started playing with drums. I'm new to Logic, so I admit. They are based around the loop ClubBeat 006. That loop wasn't enough though, so I programmed more with the Deephouse kit in Ultrabeat and layered them with the loop, and then used the Latin kit for the percussive elements that sit on top and drive the track along. In retrospect I could have done more to break the drums up and vary them, but it just about gets away with it...

4) The bassline. It's pretty simple. It was done using a VST plugin called Z3ta on my old PC rig, and then processed in Logic. I used the P-Dist, St-Delay, Linear EQ and Compressor.

5) The keys and piano. These relied on a lot of trickery. Start with just about any EXS24 piano. Piano has filter, Space Designer, Compressor and Channel EQ.
Keys are B/Crushed, Space designer, Compressor and Chan EQ. Keys panned one way, piano paned the other slightly. Just to put some space between them and other parts.

6) The filter noise can be well mimicked using the Es1, but again this was done elsewhere and wav'd in. I bounced it with the delay on...lucky it worked really !

7) The strings. ESX24 'Pop' seting, modified slightly. With a slow out of phase filter to make it sound like the string is panning between left and right. Space designer and flage were also used.

Vocal processing. The dry vocal was actually quite tidy. I set a chromatic/free pitch correction just to stop any major wobbles. Then another Space designer and compressor.. I then set up an aux for the more interesting bits with delays and a tiny, tiny amount of bitcrusher on one of them.

9) The final mix is the tricky part. I've sent a copy off to the label to meet the d/line, but I'm still working as I know it can be better!
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