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basically if your doing a remix there is no fixed formula ..its your version of an original idea so you can do whatever you want theres no correct way or no wrong way just what you feel suits the original sample best..

ive heard remixs which are 10 times better than the original mix..the kelly rowland and beyonce remixs done by the freemasons are completely different and much better than the original songs.

dont worry if you havent won a competetion 99 percent of us wont win but dont think your version was bad just think your version wasnt what the judges were looking for at that time..

music styles change from week too week so what on judge will love one week the same judge wont like the week if your doing a remix the most importatnt thing i have fun with it dont worry if your using the correct eq settings or using the correct synth patches just think well i like the version ive one and hope others will agree or disagree .
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