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Thanks saxman.

Well Synergy finally got in contact but I'm really not happy.

They want me to send them down the whole bloody desktop to have a look at it for me. All i need is a bloody new Hard Drive! The last thing i need right now is to have to unplug everything pack up the entire PC, then I'd have to take it to work, have it picked up from there, have it then re-delivered to work, and then have to take it home from there. ffs All for something i can do myself.

I may be cynical but it seems like this is so you just end up saying, to hell with it, I'll do it myself.

I have music guard insurance with no excess and my PC is insured. Worth a try? The only thing is, I don't want to cause my premium to go up for the sake of a 60 quid hard drive. I really only took the insurance incase i have a disaster or something pretty expensive breaks.

I can see me just replacing the damn thing myself.
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