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Originally Posted by saxman View Post
I hope not but I have only ever used Acronis to make a clone of my C drive while my C drive is healthy and working.

Why not send off an email to Acronis summarising what you plan to do and ask them if they have any pointers. I have found that they reply quite quickly so they might even beat Synergy's response. It would be nice to have Acronis confirm the steps you should take and I am sure they will be pleased to do so.
Yeah, i might just do that. The acronis i have wont allow me to make a clone, need to upgrade to get that feature. I definitely have everything backed up though. Just wish Synergy would get in touch to tell me they will send me a new 500G hard drive. Just hope they don't start asking me to send the broken one and then have to wait for them to receive that before they send out a new one. Could really do without that hassle. I am still under warranty so it should be a case of getting a new hard drive from them and that's it.

I have never recovered a PC in this way before and obviously because i am dealing with all my recorded music, I'm really hoping i have followed all the steps so far. I looked up online and i think i have.

The only step I am not 100% sure of is when i have booted up using the acronis boot up CD and selected the back up data, then is it really is just a case of writing it to the new HD and how easy is that done. It seems like it should be straightforward. Knowing my luck it will be a complete bloody nightmare. Given that i have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, i can see it being after easter before i get a new hard drive.
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