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Originally Posted by Piano View Post
I have a system health check built into windows 7. It's called SMART or something like that. I ran it and it showed that the disk is indeed showing a fault somewhere. Every half hour or so, i get a message telling me to back everything up as the hard drive failing is imminent.

Everything is backed up using acronis. I was wondering if it was maybe possible for me to move the snapshot of my C drive over to another internal hard drive that i have and perhaps operate the computer from that drive temporarily.. I don't know if that can be done though and I'm scared to try incase i have a disaster.

Does tha fact that i have had acronis take a snapshot of my system drive mean that, when i re-install a new drive (if that's what i'll need to do) that i wont have to re-install everything or set new data paths and all that hassle?
Most hard disks now have SMART technology built in, meaning they give a report about their performance and state of health to software that can read the data. This means the SMART reader built in to Win7 is telling you the same stuff I get from Hard Disk Sentinel.

A replacement drive will probably be what you need to do. I see no reason why Acronis will not be able to restore your complete C drive in a functioning form to a replacement drive.

Your idea of restoring to a temporary drive should also be possible but a bit more tricky. In the Acronis user guide I see reference to such a thing under heading 4.5 Recovering a disk backup to a different disk under rescue media
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