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Originally Posted by saxman View Post
First, good luck tomorrow!

Second, hard disk sentinel is a very useful piece of software that will tell you exactly the state of health of your hard disks.

There is a free trial download. I have been running the free trial for months and it is still running with just one suggestion at boot up to register the software. I had a system paging file on one disk and when my XP crashed hard disk sentinel made it clear where the error was. The disk with the paging file was 26% healthy. Hard disk sentinel can also show you the temperature of each of your disks in the system tray with small icons - giving you one more thing to get paranoid about when your PC is working hard
I have a system health check built into windows 7. It's called SMART or something like that. I ran it and it showed that the disk is indeed showing a fault somewhere. Every half hour or so, i get a message telling me to back everything up as the hard drive failing is imminent.

Everything is backed up using acronis. I was wondering if it was maybe possible for me to move the snapshot of my C drive over to another internal hard drive that i have and perhaps operate the computer from that drive temporarily.. I don't know if that can be done though and I'm scared to try incase i have a disaster.

Does tha fact that i have had acronis take a snapshot of my system drive mean that, when i re-install a new drive (if that's what i'll need to do) that i wont have to re-install everything or set new data paths and all that hassle?
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