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Default Get Phat For Xmas

Hi everyone. Just a quick update to tell you this course kicks off again on next Monday (5th December)

So get phat at Xmas with Point Blank Online - not mince pie turkey overload fat! but satisfying your creative appetite by learning how to cook up some beefy beats covered in groovy gravy!

Have a read of the linksthat modz one posted. Really gives you a good feel for how the online courses work

You can also watch this video - - to see how the Direct Video Response method of feedback adds an extra dimension to the course: (sorry it is in logic but you get the idea)

Oh... and if you are in London this weekend come and say hello to us at the DV Digital DJ Expo on Saturday where we will be hosting free Serato training sessions! -[/url]

Once again please get in touch if you have any questions.

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