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You cant use them as midi controllers and there is no software that I know of that will directly let you do this, however, there are a couple DJ applications (Traktor Scratch and Serato) that can read the speed of the decks by using timecode CDs and special audio interfaces.

I personally use Traktor scratch with the Audio 8 DJ interface (willsoon replace with the audio 10 dj) and it works very well - I even think it tracks better than serato, then in generally use you would be hard pressed to tell them apart.

Basically the applications will keep audio file playback completely in sync with the timecode cd, so you can cue scratch etc wih mp3s/wavs/aiff files as if your actually playing CDs.

There is a new version of Traktor coming out in a few days - well worth a look if you are a CD/vinyl DJ looking to move to a hybrid setup.

The other thing you can do with traktor is get it to send out a midi clock of the right tempo and sync up another application (Ableton Live, Maschine, Kore, Apple Mainstage etc or even hardware fx, sequencers (MPC for eg) etc. This means I can effectively nudge and control the tempo of maschine, or ableton live or whatever from CD or vinyl decks. Run it all of a 2011 macbook pro 17.

Have a look here -

DV have all of this - generally better prices than NI web site.
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