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Originally Posted by mrfracas View Post
If that's the case, stick with SOS! I don't think they're going to change their angle any time soon.
But SOS doesn't come with a DVD containing free software, demo software, tutorials and the videos we mentioned, does it? At least when I used to get it in the past it didn't and I don't see any mention on the SOS website now.

And yes, like Dave, I would like to see some other musical styles represented in the videos. But also, I think the the both magazines - FM and CM - are overly biased to dance music in general. I know they are aimed at electronic music but there are so many more styles that one can produce using computers than just dance music.

As Ed says, there is a lot of competition from the internet. But we have to be very careful with the information we find there. Often we don't know anything about the person who has put the info there. Can we trust the source? I think magazines should take all this in to consideration and give the public something different, something better and more reliable. Instead, I see articles that fill two and three pages and the actual useful content is minimal, like I said before.

I still stick to my main idea though that if I only find one useful idea or technique after having paid 5.95 euros for a magazine, then for me it has been a worthwhile purchase. After a couple of months, I flick through the mag again, rip out the useful pages and dump the rest. Otherwise, I would need to build on a library in the apartment!!
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