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There is actually some software specifically for managing programme changes etc around song transition - cant remember what its called - Might only be for mac as well - sorry a bbit useless but alot of bands do use it.

Another contraption that comes to mid is a behringer FCB1010 foot controller - basically you can programme each of 10 banks of 10 footswitches with programme changes and some CC changes even notes as well as re-assign what the pedals do etc.

I actually used one of these once to control scene changes on my 01x+i88x mixer, UM-880 midi router (to dswitch its current routing preset) and keyboards for a live gig. They are obviously intende for doing the same thing with V-Amp/Bass V-Amp etc, but hey its midi

Anotyher option if you happen to have pretty much any version of ableton live around, midi clips support programm changes - launch clip to change programme. Can even label the clip with name of song etc. (Just in case you ever got Live intro or Live lite with some controller or other).
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