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Thought I'd show the hardware build so far:

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that the screen is physically upside-down. I've got the desktop rotated by 180deg via the VGA chipset. It turned out that the screen had great vertical viewing angles from above, but rubbish from below.. so swapping it round means great viewing angles from below which is the position it'll be in when mounted on my Korg M3-88 for gigging.

It's powered by a laptop style PSU. Currently it's an ITX motherboard running a Pentium mobile CPU as it was a bargain off eBay for 29. I've installed 2Gb of RAM and a 2.5" 60Gb HD. If it proves successful I can warrant an upgrade and will probably go for a new ITX mobo that'll take a Core2 Duo. I've also mounted the front USB panel from an old Acer PC on the back as it provides 5 USB sockets, CF and SD card reader slots, mobo audio and a mini firewire socket. Next to that is a 50mm case fan and the 4 holes to the right will be populated by 1/4" jack sockets. They will relay stereo input and output connctions from the Edirol UA-1EX USB soundcard mounted inside. Network connectivity when installing stuff or patching windows is achieved by plugging in a USB WiFi dongle.

The ultimate aim is to have my own GUI running on top for scene switching but also run a VST host underneath to use a few carefully chosen VSTi plugins.
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