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Default MIDI App programming recommendations

Wasn't sure which section to put this in, but since it's related to a home-brew project I'm putting it here.

I've built a shallow rackmount PC with a built-in touchscreen that I can rackmount directly onto my main keyboard for live work, the Korg M3-88. I'm intending to write an app that allows me to control my rig for scene changes between songs in the way I want it to... there's nothing out there that does what I want in the way I want it to... believe me, I've checked!

The answer is to write it myself. I'm a code-monkey by trade,m so that's no problem, but it's been a very long tie since I did any coding with MIDI. My preferred route is to try and make it cross platform by developing it using Adobe AIR 2.5 and utilising a socket connection to an OS specific app that will communicate with the MIDI ports. The option is to not go cross platform and build it in DotNet for Windows only. Either way, can anyone suggest an available MIDI object library that will allow me to shortcut the MIDI port handling and communication coding? Ideally something like a DotNet assembly or library.
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