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Because Future Publishing Ltd produce a large number of magazines, they tend to try and skim the fat as much as possible. This also means lower numbers on the production line to marginally past the number of copies a magazine is selling.

This is potentially detrimental to the magazine, because as sales go down, so do the numbers in print. Combine that with the customer's new interest in the other, suddenly more reliable magazines, and generally interest in the suffering mag has gone down in that region/store/demographic (generally because there is only one stockist in that area).

The bad news is, if WHSmith isn't stocking it in one store, what's happening among all the other stores? And, more to the point, why has it become unpopular? Is it the content? Is it the competition? Are they not including WHSmith in their 'available to buy...' statement anymore; and has that upset the stockist?

There are, of course, several attributing factors. Firstly, the format of the magazine has changed; secondly, the content has definitely lessened; and thirdly, the competition is generally much more for people who want to learn, as well as drool over new gear and learn the secrets of their idols.

I haven't bought FM in months, because I feel the content has no substance for the price anymore. Give me SOS or Music Tech any day; the two are great providers of in-depth reviews, features and lessons. To any FM fans reading this, that's my opinion, and I don't intend to impose that on anybody else!
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