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Ya know, Frank's an acoustician. The guy who advises SOS about acoustics was the original designer I had for my studio He got sacked when I realised I knew more than him. I'd go with what frank told you. As an aside, as you know I have Northward Acoustics, one of the world's leading acoustic companies, doing my control room. The feedback they gave on my current room? I should have worried more about the back wall of the room than the front wall. Make of that what you will.

As an aside, Frank has now left GIK and gone back to school to do a PhD so you'll have to deal with Glenn (GIK's owner).

And as for your foam, do yourself a favour and if you are going to use it buy a bag of rocksilk slabs and at least put one behind it. Foam panels do nothing other than at high frequencies. Ethan Winer (who I have little time for fwiw) had some acoustic lab tests undertaken on foam panels. If you dont want to just throw your money away don't listen to me, read the tests.
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