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Not long before i get my room kitted out with some acoustic treatment and i have a couple of questions before i actually make the order in a few weeks time. I was reading SOS today and as most of you will know they have a studio SOS. It was a particularly informative one today and raised a few questions for me. The were talking particularly about treating a small square room (just like mine) and offering some advice on how to improve things. In the small rooms, they seem to advise concentrating on the mirror points, behind the speakers and on the ceiling above the knees of where you sit at the desk. They don't seem as bothered with the back corners of the room in a small room. Now when i come to buy, i can onlyafford to buy a certain amount of panels coming to around 450 from GIK. The initial plan was to buy a monster bass trap for the back wall, 2 bass trap panels for each of the back wall corners and 3 acoustic panels, 2 for the mirror points and one above me on the ceiling. For behind the speakers i was just going to buy some acoustic foam panels (sorry trev) as i can't afford any more panels. What i am wondering is, would it be better for me to have 2 GIK panels behind the speakers as opposed to having the 2 bass traps in the back corners? In SOS, they seem less concerned about the back corners in a small room and i want to spend the money i do have in the more effective way possible. What do you guys think? Would the back wall be ok with just the monster bass trap in the middle and nothing in the corners? or would i be better going with the original plan and just having some acoustic foam behind the speakers?
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