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Thanks Sax - you understand the problem

Yes- I know about CDDB1/2 and FreeDB and their CD orientated history. The only thought I had where they might help is perhaps with release ID numbers if I can find CD numbers for CD versions of vinyl releases, though I guess alot of these EPs probbaly never got released as a CD EP as well.

Though even entering label, title to get the CD match would help if the CDDB/FreeDB databases will do that (I dotn think CDDB does, as you say its mainly TOC hash based, but I think FreeDB can be search by other means). I was hoping someone might know of a database that went with the release ID numbers (record version of ISBN and/or barcode etc), though I guess while a number will tell you the publisher (ie whole owns the ID number block), it might not tell you the release as if barcode are anything to go by, they are block assigned and the individual numbers are often privately managed.

Kind of a shame what happened to CDDB and gracenote - hate it when companies absorb public data and technology and just steal it without giving back - shame on them - the irony is they are using the technology to now to prevent copyright theft - their whole damn platforms is allmost an act of theft.

I know amazon's web service provides a pretty decent search, but only for stuff in their catalogue and I would quess most of this lot has never been in it - its a shame HTFR in birmingham dont maintain such a database online as I absolutely sure they have all this info in their old stock archives - its the kind of thing that would definatley have been in the catalog at some time, excepting some dub plates and other very limited pressings I have.
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