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Default Good software for managing vinyl ripping?

OK, I have a load of Singles, EPs, albums that would be good to convert to MP3, so looking for a nice streamlined way of doing it.

I guess I need two bit of software (ideally in one, but cant find anything that seems to do the job).

1. Obviously something that can either manage the recording and do sensible gap detection to auto-split the audio files (ideallyy in a non-destructive manner in case it gets it wrong).

2. Something to save loads and loads of typing in of track info etc. Ideally something that just lets me type in the publishers record number and it downloads all this data off the net (assuming this data is actually available) and writes it into mp3 ID tags for me, renames folders and files etc.

Cleanup tools might be nice, but TBH Im not that fussed about them.

Item 2 is the biggest concern as a I figure at worst it aint too big of a job to direct record the audio into a DAW and manually split it up, but tons of typing and manual organising of files is something I definately want to avoid.

Even if no software exists to do 2, its somethign I can write so long as I can find a suitable online database that is likely to cover vinyl dance EPs etc - mostly remixes etc.

Ultimate aim is to process this all through Mixed in key then import into tracktor scratch.

Any ideas?
Thanks all
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