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I have been using Fender Standard Strats excusively for 20 years and now I'm experimenting with an Epiphone SG in the last year as well.

Boy the SG has a tone that I could just never get on the strat but then again the SG cannot come close to what the strat does either.

That's why I have both! Ahh! the tones...
My beginners Home recording setup.

Toshiba T4500 Intel dual core 2.3ghz,3gigs of ddr3,320gb Hd Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.
M-Audio Fast Track USB,Shure SM58 mic,Epiphone SG Guitar.
Adobe Audition 3,Pro tools M-Powered Essential,Amplitube 2,Ozone 4.
M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Monitors.
Sony TA-N55ES Power Amp with Athena AS-B1 Bookshelves for Alternate mixing/listening.
Blue Jeans Cables all around.
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