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Originally Posted by TrevCircleStudios View Post
Awesome!! I love this!
LOL me too - this is so true. Grass always looks greener on the other side. You'll likely find a different set of problems with another sequencer were you to change.

I was tempted to change myself, but being a Windows-heavy user, Sonar's interface agreed with me a lot more. I didn't really get along with Logic or Cubase, though they're both perfectly capable sequencers as well.

Don't worry about people not using a sequencer so much. Once you have the basic concepts common to all sequencers down, the manual should see you through most of the rest. I know it's tempting to try and wing your way through the system and learn as you play around, but sometimes, you just have to pick up that manual and do the boring bit ;(

The official Cakewalk forum is excellent, I use it plenty and so long as you provide detailed information about your problem, support comes very quickly.

Reaper's not very common, but if I wasn't on Sonar, I'm sure I would be on that.

Good luck, and hope it all works out well for you
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