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Originally Posted by joe View Post
Hi I am using a Roland spd8 on my drum kit which I have attached to my lap top via midi and have been experimenting with triggering sounds from reason.
I want to be able to assign a variety of sounds to the 8 pads, this seems easy to do when using the NNXT, but I really want to be able to use some of the sounds found in Thor too. Can I do this? If so how?
I have tried opening Thor patches in the NNXT but it doesn't work. I could record the audio in Pro Tools save it as a WAV file and open that in the NNXT but surely there's an easier way?
Hmmm. What a good question...

Are you trying to trigger Thor to generate sound using the pads rather then keys...or are you trying to use the pads to switch effects on/off etc.

Aside from switching oscillators, EQ and effects on or off...I can't think of much use for pads in Thor.

If you are wanting to 'play' Thor with the pads. 8 would be no good...because you efectively only have 8 notes. I can do this with my Lunachpad because Automap allows you to swithc the type of midi message the device sends by flicking through the pages..and with 64's quite nice to setup a harmonic table to play. Im not sure if this is possible with the Roland device.
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