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For connection, XLR is always better than jack - even the non-latching type are more secure than jack plugs, and because of the way the plug pins are gripped in any decent XLR socket, they have better contact than a jack, which relies simply on spring pressure for the socket contacts against the jack plug.

More importantly, on nearly all mixing desks, XLR is used for mic and jack for line level signals. You should always connect your line level equipment to the jacks. You could go into the XLR sockets, but beware - if you switch on phantom power, anything other than a mic may be damaged by it!

I'm surprised your amp has only jack inputs, but if that's the case, then what you describe is fine as a connection method. I'd always advise against chaining loads of leads together rather than using one long one, (noise / signal degredation / reliability issues) and if you use up loads of good mic leads getting to the amp, that's sure to cost a fair bit of the price of a multicore. If you have the leads, and no budget, then what you suggest is fine until you can convince your financial backer to cough up for a multi!

The USB interface for this mixer is actually a little external box which has phonos in and out - in theory yes, you could use this, but the only advantages will be that (a) you probably will get slightly better sound quality and (b) it's on phono connectors rather than 3.5mm jack (you still need twin phono to jack leads if you want to get in on a channel).
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