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Originally Posted by Towifer View Post
I was thinking about purchasing a ISA One, but wasn't overly sure if the 600 price tag would be worth it combined with any of the mics i own (57, E906, E902). BUT since it has both a DI and a Mic channel that can run at the same time, it means when i'm doing a session with a GREAT guitar set up, i could DI it for future Reamping if it needs it, and have a brilliant sounding mic channel signal?

In your opinions would it be worth me investing this kind of money, or should i buy a sm7b, save the change and then buy a ISA one?
The price on the ISA One has recently come down quite a bit. I think it's only 399 now. The A/D board can be had at the same time for 549 which all in all is a pretty good deal (but do you need it, I suppose is the question?)

As I mentioned before, the DI is truly great in this box so it will definitely do the job for you...

That said, everyone should have an SM7b too.
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