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Smile My new Focusrite ISA One

Well, it's here, and here's your shortest review ever.

1) It's bigger than you'd expect in person.
2) The DI channel is exceptionally clear & detailed with miles of headroom. I'm clipping my own AD converters (in this case the Focusrite Saffire Pro 26) before I'm clipping the analogue stage on the ISA. Probably slightly better than my Radial DI, which is very nice indeed.

That is all I've had time to do so far.

Anyway, I've ordered the digital card from DV (this has turned out to be an expensive prize!!) and my full review will wait until I've got that because I think a good chunk of this unit's advanced functionality is built into that upgrade. So, a more informed review WILL follow, but rest assured, I'm on it!

Have to wait as well until a vocalist I've been doing some work with is through next, she's a much better singer than I and will really be able to help me judge the quality of the pre. I've tracked her through all of my pres now at one point or another so I know where's good and where's bad. We'll see what transpires.

Stand by, and thanks again to the forum admins and users, and everyone at DV! This is the coolest thing I've ever won!
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