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Originally Posted by FrankGIK View Post
Trev already hit all the big points. You'll want to get all the corners you can with as much symmetry as possible. In a room that size I'd do all 244's and skip the 242's though. I see that you can't do the front corners, but you can do the back ones. You can do the reflection points and the back wall and the ceiling...again, all in 244's. The reason is that the 244 will do everything the 242 will do plus add all the low frequency absorption. On second thought, a Monster Bass Trap would be better on the back wall if you've got the space for it behind the kit.

So how about if i bought i monster bass trap, and 6 of the 244's. Do you reckon that would be enough? Would i be able to get enough for about 500?
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