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Originally Posted by saxman View Post
Good point Trev, but..... it aint necessarily so
When he uploaded the photos he most probably just connected his phone or digital camera to his computer and blah, blah, there you go.
Now, he has a "sketch" - the exact instructions for how to upload it depend on what kind of "sketch" it is. ie,
is it a "google sketch-up" sketch?
is it a pen/pencil and paper sketch?
is it a sketch done in Paint or some other similar simple draw program?

Piano, instructions are sure to come your way if you tell us exactly what kind of sketch you have done.

It's a google scetch up. I tried uploading it the way i did with the photos but it wouldn't let me It's the best drawing i could manage to do, not perfectly to scale or anything but it explains how things are set out etc
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