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Default Which DV store is best to Visit

Since i started buying in a load of new gear at the start of the year, most of it has come from DV. Some which suited me perfectly, some stuff i had to send back for replacements after trying them out which is easy enough to do and they're more than happy to do it but i'd really love to go to one of the stores and spend a bit of time and try some gear out before buying. In the coming year i'll be making quite a few more purchases, infact quite alot actually and i plan to do exactly that. Living where i do in Scotland, i don't really know of anywhere that let's you do just that, or atleast nowhere that has the Range that DV has. Everywhere i have ever went up here, i've always felt like i was pressured to either hurry up and buy something and stop touching the instruments. I'm hoping that DV will be happy to let me spend quite alot of time instore trying alot of different things out and offering me some good advice, something which i need alot of the time! Anyway, my partner (knowing what a big kid i am when it comes to things like this) has promised me a weekend in London to visit one of the stores and buy some new toys while there. My question is, what store would be the best to visit? Just looking for somewhere with a nice relaxed atmosphere where i can try out different gear at my own pace without being pressured and some helpful staff. So, what's the best?
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