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Thanks for your help guys!

After the research and your recommendations, I am going to go with the behringer mixer.

I still require a little bit more assistance.

Basically the cables I have that connect my amplifier to my speakers are far to short, as I wish me and the mixer to be at the rear of the hall, which the speakers being at the either side of the stage.

I have searched site, but found no such Jack to Jack cable long enough to reach. I will remeasure to hall but I'm pretty sure I'm looking for something over 20 to 30 meters in length to be able to reach.

Also, I need similar smaller cables to connect my two new headset microphones to the mixer as well, I can either go for the XLR to XLR or Jack to jack, simply to connect the wireless reciever to the mixers, so very very short.

Any ideas??

I will probably require more recommendations soon as well... I really hope you guys don't mind helping me out so much!


PS. Just remembered, for my the behringer mixer what cable should I be looking for to connect my laptop to it?
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