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Ian B
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A Skylark Curvycaster arrived earlier this week, another addition to my array of budget guitars. As I'm pretty sure DV don't stock these I'll post the link as well

Not to everyones taste that's for sure but I'm quietly impressed for the money. It's not without small, niggling little faults, but I've seen pics of/read the description of another one which is a shocker, so it would appear their QC can be very, very hit and miss.

My first instict with any budget guitar is to replace the pups, that was the case here, in fact I bought replacements, but the more I use these the better they get. For cheapo s/c's they have an astonishing amount of grunt when pushed, fantastic for general riffage, but maybe not enough clarity for distorted lead work. Considering them, and the amount of wood *missing* from the body, there is still ample sustain.

The tuners are rock solid so far, restrung with 10>52's on arrival, tuned and it's barely needed touching since, and that'll be down to new strings still settling down.

The fretboard appears to be a tad too long, it pushes the neck pup over at a slight angle, nothing major, but it's the same on the other Curvycaster I mentioned earlier.

My biggest gripe is the neck inlay, markers, be they dots, blocks or fancy inlays on on this guitar, are surely meant as an aid to navigating the fretboard. Going by said inlay, it seems to have been fitted a fret too high, where I'd expect the 5th, 7th and 12th fret to be, I find myself a fret out unless I'm very careful, tho' this is probably down to my lack of ability more than anything. The action is fine, but you'd better like chunky necks, tho' that said, I only have girly sized hands yet still find it comfortable.

Overall, this is a gem for the money, something well worth having a pro setup done on and I may ask my guitar tech to fit and coil tap the new pups I've bought while he's at it. Seemingly these are the first production batch, so teething troubles can be forgiven, but imo, are well worth keeping an eye on if anyone is looking for a guitar that is out of the ordinary.
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