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Rob Sandall
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Default Kit list.

I stripped down the collection a while back - I say it's because I'm a purist, but it was more a shall-we-say financial issue. G.A.S. is never good for the savings.

Anyway, these days I'm playing:

72 Reissue Tele
Classic player Tele
Ibanez artwood cutaway

...generally through either a Laney Lionheart 4x10 or a prototype Ashdown/Hayden essex blonde, which is a little 7 Watt wonder.

I cleaned house on effects in favour of a Boss GT8 and looper, although I still defer to a Zen drive overdrive, Mutha Fuzz (by catseye) and Zakk Wylde Crybaby (I'm not a metaller, it just has a tighter sweep).

Oh, and I'm playing 11s. Always the best for Fenders IMO.
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